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Marine Insurance

Florida watercraft operators understand the satisfaction of making the most of a gorgeous day on the water with family members and good friends. The sad thing is, a day such as this could instantly become a terrifying incident in the face of an unexpected accident. This kind of an event could lead to huge medical bills, costly boat repairs, as well as possible lawsuits. Liufau McCall Insurance Group has you covered.

Our boat insurance policies will safeguard you from all kinds of unforeseen losses and damages, with features that are crucial to you:

  • Legal liability due to an accident caused from the ownership, upkeep, or usage of your boat, including things like bodily injury, property damage and legal defense
  • Complete insurance coverage of your watercraft in case of a complete loss
  • All-risk insurance policy for trailers, hull and equipment, rigging, tender, outboards, and personal effects
  • Volunteer health care payment insurance coverage
  • Physical damage coverage
  • Specialized coverage like captain chartering
  • Affordable insurance deductibles to make your premiums inexpensive
  • Responsive, knowledgeable assistance from your Liufau McCall Insurance Group agent

You have worked very hard to handle the cost of your boat. We will strive to guarantee that you continue enjoying it for numerous years to come. For a quick and easy assessment of your existing policy or for a no cost estimate , call our main, insurance office at 850-460-7490 or complete the hassle-free email form on our website. Have peace of mind by having the right coverage today.

Freedom through peace of mind

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